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 Q & A 
  • Is your tank use for Gravity or Pump-Fed?
    We have both Gravity and Pump-Fed Filtertanks.

  • Is your filtertank use for install above ground or underground?
    It depends on your design. For install underground, you have to pre-install drainage pipe that will be connect to the tank drainage valve.

  • What is the right type of filtertank I should use for my pond?
    It depends on your pond size and the density of your fishes. Please refer to the specification on each filtertank model. It always suggest to get a bigger size of filtertank if you have high density of fishes in your pond.

  • Is your filtertank require electrity?
    No. It is not necessary to use with electricity for our filtertank.

  • What is the right speed for the water flow?
    We recommend to use with a moderate water flow speed, a natural water flow can help to allow the bacterias to digest the fish wastes.

  • Do I need to put bacterias into the filtertank?
    Yes. It must add the bacterias at the first time you install the filtertank.

  • How long it will take the filtertank to work after installation?
    Please allow about one week to generate enough bacterias to digest the fish wastes.

  • How long does it require to clean the tank?
    We suggest to flush the tank every other week.

  • What type of pump to use with your filtertank?
    Any type of pump can work with our filtertank but we don't suggest to use a high power pump. Usually less than a 1/2 hp pump would work but it always depends on the length or the height you need to pump in and out of the water.

  • Can it install outdoor?
    Yes, you don't have problem to install at outdoor under sun light, our filtertank is UV protected.

  • Can your filtertank install in cold area?
    Our filtertanks have no problem to use in cold area but you have to install proper heater to maintain the water temperature.

  • How can we order your filtertank?
    We encourage you to order online with credit card payment; or look for the local dealer in your area.

  • What is the warranty of your filtertank?
    We have 1 year warranty on the filtertank body except improper use; or physical damage after delivery; or crack due to water freeze. All media don't have warranty since they're daily wearing items.

  • Can I return the unit if I'm not satisfy of your products?
    Yes. We have a 60 days satisfactory guarantee. We will refund 100% of your purchase price once you return the product with freight prepaid, less the outbound shipping cost and accessories replacement cost.

  • What is the shipping cost for your filtertank?
    We currently have a promotion of "Free Shipping" to 48 US States which roughly save you from $70 to $500 on each unit depends on size.

  • Can I purchase the media for replacement?
    The media can be used repeatly. You don't need to replace the media regularly, it only require normal water flusing. However, you still can purchase them seperately.

  • What is the water flow rate?
    It depends on models and you can find it in each model description. The flow rate in each model are only a reference, it could be difference depends on the pump, pipe length and landscape design which any condition can affect the flow rate. Please adjust according to physical setup.

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